When you’re shopping for your baby, you’ll want to look for pieces that are versatile and that will grow with your little one. If it’s something that can be passed down to your next child, even better! With Carter’s new My First Love Collection, you can find items that fit all of these criteria—and more! Check out the collection here and learn why this is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking to buy something thoughtful and timeless.

Purchase several of our top-selling bodysuits.

Our one-piece bodysuits are top sellers for a reason: they're made of babysoft cotton, are machine washable, and make the ideal foundation for any young child's outfit. Your child will be comfortable all year round because they come in sleeveless, short- and long-sleeved, and even sleeved versions. Pick from a range of hues, including white, vivid colors, and designs.

Additionally, our multi-packs provide a great deal while still providing a significant amount of aww-dorableness with each bodysuit. These cuddly bodysuits are available in a wide range of designs, making them great gender-neutral and cuddly alternatives. Additionally, these vibrant sports selections are ideal for playing.


Add a few pairs of pull-on pants to the ensemble.

Despite the fact that our bodysuits look wonderful on their own, you may also pair them with pairs of pull-on trousers, shorts, or diaper covers. Your baby will stay warmer thanks to the additional layers. Additionally, it will preserve their knees as they become more mobile, enabling them to explore in comfort and elegance.

Our bodysuits come in a range of patterns that are all created to coordinate nicely with one another. Keep it basic and elegant with black and gray (with cute accents like ruffles), or give your child's clothes a splash of color.


Accessorize with hats, booties, and other items.

You'll want to stock up on lots of soft booties, stockings, mittens, and hats to keep your infant warm and comfortable throughout those first few weeks and months at home. The mittens in particular serve a dual role because it's common for babies to scratch themselves when sleeping or in an effort to get rid of newborn eczema.

Simple hues like white, pink, or blue are timeless options. However, you may also peruse a selection of themed accessories that go great with our bodysuits and other costumes. Whether you're searching for trendy looks for young boys, young girls, or something that works for both, we have you covered!


Build your baby's outfit effortlessly with our selection and Little CharacterTM kits.

We are aware that new parents are strapped for time and energy, even if it is pleasant to mix and match baby clothing to create distinctive and charming ensembles. To make creating your child's wardrobe simple, we have selected clothing sets that come with accessories like hats and socks.

For instance, these three-piece outfits include slogan bodysuits and matching slacks. Additionally, a selection of designs, hues, and prints are available for our adorable Little CharacterTM sets, which include two bodysuits or t-shirts with artwork on the bottom. View the whole selection for both boys and girls.

Don't forget to get more nursery necessities.

Burp cloths and bibs for mealtimes and teething may not seem like fun or exciting purchases, despite the fact that they are essentials when you have a newborn in the house. We've tried our best to make even these useful goods irresistibly gorgeous and trendy while yet being quite helpful in order to aid with that. Stock up on every style you can find, too, as the more you buy the longer you can go between loads of laundry!


Make taking a bath a real delight.

Bathtime with your child may go as smoothly as a duck to water, and it might even rapidly emerge as the highlight of your evening. However, it may often be tough to get babies to clean themselves (and once they are, it can be challenging to pull them out of the water). By keeping some kid-friendly bath items on available, you can turn taking a bath into a real delight.

Of course, this involves bath toys, but the fun need not end there. Baby towels with animal themes are great for drying off little ones, including this hooded towel with an elephant face and 3D elements. Afterward, you'll appreciate wrapping them in a soft robe.

One of the most enjoyable and exciting aspects of getting ready for a new chapter in your life is shopping for a baby. And when you're a new parent, it's normal for you to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of necessary items that might end up on your list.

That's why we developed our My First Love line: so that you may live for the important moments right away and let us handle the rest. You don't have to try to predict what your kid needs when you peruse our carefully picked selection. It's all available to you. Browse the whole selection and get anything you require.